Install in a mobile app

I would like to add LiveHelpNow chat to my iPhone/Android App

Install LiveHelpNow Chat in your existing mobile app

Before starting development on embedding LiveHelpNow live chat into your mobile app, please consider using LiveHelpNow SMS Chat feature allowing customers to text for support. Implementing SMS requires minimal development as customers will use text messaging service on their phone to communicate with you. Please see more here:
Enabling sms chat for your account to provide a better chat experience for mobile customers

If you would still like to offer live chat within the app, please follow the steps below:


Step 1. Get Support Portal URL

Go to Admin panel->Support Channels -> Support Portal and copy your Support Portal URL. If you did not configure a custom support portal URL it will look something like this


Step 2. Get your Account #

Find and take note of your LiveHelpNow account # found on the very bottom of the Admin Workspace


Step 3. Assemble the link for chat.

Your chat portal link can now be assembled. It will look like this


Optional Parameters

By default chat will use your default department and default chat window. You may override these by using wid and did URL paameters like so:


You may retrieve department ID in Admin Workspace -> System Setup -> Department and Chat Window ID in Admin Workspace -> Chat -> Chat Windows

By default the chat will use system styles for each of the elements within the chat window. You may override those by supplying the URL to your CSS overrides like so:


Step 4. Incorporate the chat within your iOS or Android app

Simply use UIWebView, with the URL you secured in the 3rd step, in iOS to add chat to your iPhone/iPad app as shown here:

On Android please use WebView 


Add toolbar to the WebView showing two buttons, Minimize and Close.
Minimize and close buttons should simply hide the webview


Optional Fully Native Implementation

Fully native implementation requires development to establish connection between your mobile app and LiveHelpNow streaming API. If you would like to implement LiveHelpNow chat natively within your app, please schedule a call with your account manager by filling out the form below

That's it!


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