Zoom Integration

Can I integrate with Zoom Meetings to create meetings from live chats?

About LiveHelpNow chat integration with Zoom Meetings

Integration between your LiveHelpNow account and Zoom will revolutionize the way your customer service team interacts with clients.

With this integration in place, your agents will gain the ability to effortlessly create Zoom meetings while engaged in an active chat session with a customer. This seamless transition from chat conversation to live meetings will greatly enhance the overall support experience. The integration enables your agents to leverage various communication mediums within the Zoom platform. Video and voice functionalities allow for a more personal and interactive interaction, mimicking face-to-face communication. This can be especially valuable when dealing with complex technical issues that require a visual demonstration or troubleshooting. Furthermore, your agents will have the capability to view and control the customer's computer during these Zoom meetings. This powerful feature enables your team to provide real-time technical support, remotely accessing the customer's device to diagnose and resolve issues. By taking control and guiding clients through necessary steps, your agents can efficiently troubleshoot problems without the need for physical intervention.

The benefits of this integrated system are manifold. First and foremost, it offers a streamlined support process, minimizing delays and maximizing efficiency. The ability to seamlessly switch from chat to a live meeting eliminates the need for customers to schedule or wait for a separate appointment, resulting in quicker issue resolution and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

By remotely accessing the customer's device, your team can efficiently troubleshoot and resolve problems, saving time and reducing the need for on-site visits. This not only saves costs for both parties but also ensures a faster resolution, minimizing downtime for the customer. In conclusion, the integration between your agent platform and Zoom presents numerous advantages. It empowers your agents to seamlessly transition from text-based chats to live meetings, leveraging video, voice, and remote control to provide comprehensive support. This integration enhances the support experience, improves customer satisfaction, and enables efficient troubleshooting of technical issues. 

Steps to integrate Zoom with LiveHelpNow

LiveHelpNow integrates with Zoom Meetings via Server-to-Server type Zoom App.

To create an app please follow these easy steps

1. Go to https://marketplace.zoom.us/ and create server-to-server app


2. Create Server-To-Server app.


3. Name the app "LiveHelpNow"


4. Fill out App Name, Company Name, Name and Email under the Information Tab within the Zoom app

5. Add the following scopes within the Zoom app:

Meeting -> View all user meetings
Meeting -> View and manage all user meetings
User -> View all user information
User -> View users information and manage users


6. Activate Zoom App

7. Copy Account ID, Client ID and Client Secret under App Credentials within the Zoom App


8. Paste them in LiveHelpNow admin workspace -> Integrations -> Zoom, Enable the integration and click "Save"


After completing the above steps, the integration process is now finalized, enabling the agents to initiate Zoom meetings with customers within live chat conversations



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