How to export chat transcripts for your records

How do I export chat transcripts for my records?

LiveHelpNow makes past chat transcripts available for you to view for 90 days.

If you’d like chats saved longer for your records, there are a number of ways to export them:

  • Email transcripts- You can have every chat transcript sent to you by entering an email address in Admin panel > Chat > Chat windows (select chat window). Scroll down to post-chat communication(Email transcripts).
    You may want to create a new email account just for storing past chat transcripts. This feature also integrates with any CRM system.

  • Chat transcripts export- All LiveHelpNow reports can be exported in Microsoft Excel formats. Chat transcripts are exported as .xml files. The ‘chat transcripts export’ report is found in Admin panel -> Reporting -> Reports -> Chat System.

  • API integration- with the help of a web developer, you can configure LiveHelpNow Eventing API to ‘push’ a variety of LiveHelpNow account data (including chat transcripts) to your CRM system in real-time.

  • Integrate your CRM for automatic data sync. Salesforce, Hubspot and other integrations are available out of the box in Admin & Settings -> Integrations

  • Upgrade to the Enteprise plan to have data stored for 3 years.

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