Automatic Department Routing

I would like to route visitors to different departments setup in my LiveHelpNow account automatically, without the need for the visitor to even make a department selection. Is it possible?

This article is outdated and only covers popup chat windows(legacy). 

If your account uses Embedded chat window, you may configure its department routing in Admin Panel>System setup>Website code.


A Help Desk Software wouldn't be complete without Department Routing functionality.
Department Routing is a function of live chat to route to a particular department in a company.
Here are some examples: 

1. A visitor is on website1 requesting a chat session which automatically routed to the operator servicing website1 
2. A chat session started in the support section of your website is to be assigned(routed) to operators in the support department. 
3. A pre-chat window asks a customer to select a department to connect to. Based on customer's selection a chat session is routed to the appropriate department (you can configure Pre-Chat department routing by clicking on "Legacy"-"Pre-chat requirements")

If your account services multiple websites or your website is sectioned by department you can apply department information to your visitors without using pre-chat window, so should the visitor start live chat session he/she will be automatically routed to the correct department:

In Admin Panel of your account click on "System Setup"->"Departments" menu. On this screen you can setup departments for your account.

On the code generation page (Admin Panel → Legacy (popup) → Installation → HelpOut Tab/Live chat button) please choose a department from the drop down list. If you already have the code installed on your website, please follow the steps below for instructions on how to update the code:

  1. After departments are setup please write down the Dep # for each department in your company for reference, as you would need to refer to this list later in the process.
  2. Find the following parameter in LiveHelpNow code installed on your site "var lhnDepartmentN = 0;"
  3. Replace 0 with the Dept # which should serve this particular live chat button installation on your website. So if you are installing LiveHelpNow Live Chat button in a Billing section of your website you would replace 0 with Department # of the Billing Department as setup in your account. After this is done all customers visiting Billing section of your website will be placed in a Billing department operators' queue and should customer request a chat session it will be routed directly to the billing department operators.
    For proper use of Department Routing feature of LiveHelpNow Help Desk Software all operators under your account should set their "Filter" to "My Department Only" in the main operator panel. You may also force this filter for all operators in Admin Panel->System Setup->Operators 
  4. If you would like to use a different chat window for each department, if for example departments in your case are different websites, this may be accomplished by following instructions in this article: Adding chat windows

If you would rather have your visitors select department to talk to please refer to this article: Pre Chat Dept Routing Article

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